Celestial Body Healing Apothecary

Welcome to Celestial Body Healing Apothecary Due to the COVID-19 virus many products are temporarily out of stock, and we hope to have them available soon.
All of our products that are made with hemp infused coconut oil and hemp extract are made from hemp grown within the state of Tennessee, and are lab verified to be in compliance with both the State and Federal Hemp legislation.
  • 1000mg Broad Spectrum
    Celestial CBD 1000mg Broad Spectrum$75.00
    Celestial CBD 1000mg Broad Spectrum in 1oz of Organic MCT oil, 33.3mg CBD per 1mL 0%THC
  • IMG-4169
    Celestial CBD 1000mg Full Spectrum$75.00
    Celestial CBD is a full spectrum extract in Organic MCT coconut oil. This product is an antiinflammatory, neuroprotective, antianxiety, and more. The extract is 1000mg per 1oz of Organic MCT.
  • IMG-4174
    Celestial CBD 2000mg$130.00
    Celestial CBD 2000mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, with THC removed 30mL Anxiety, Antidepressant, Inflammation, Neuroprotectant Full spectrum CBD extract with 0% THC in Organic MCT oil
  • IMG-4174
    Celestial CBD 2000mg Full Specttrum$120.00
  • 500mg Broad Spectrum
    Celestial CBD 500mg Broad Spectrum$40.00
    Celestial CBD 500mg Broad Spectrum 1oz in Organic MCT oil, 17mg CBD per 1mL with 0%THC
  • 500mg Full Spectrum
    Celestial CBD 500mg Full Spectrum$40.00
  • IMG-4190
    Celestial CBD Wellness 1oz.$40.00
    Celestial CBD Wellness Balm is formulated to be a transdermal Immune System Booster. Made with all organic ingredients.
  • IMG-4196
    Celestial Ligament and Tendon Balm 1oz$50.00
    Apply to chronic, tired, "itis", strained, or injured muscles, joints, and nerves.
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  • IMG-4179
    Digestive Remedy 1oz$40.00
    Calms nausea, heartburn, and indigestion
  • IMG-4179
    Digestive Remedy 4oz$120.00
    Calms nausea, heartburn, and indigestion
  • IMG-4182
    Dynamic Male$0.00
  • IMG-4166
    Gastro Intesitnal Remedy 1oz$40.00
    Gastrointestinal balance restore and relief
  • IMG-4166
    Gastro Intestinal 4oz$120.00
    Gastrointestinal balance restore and relief
  • IMG-4170
    Goddess Balance Remedy 1oz$40.00
    Goddess Balance is formulated for Women who have started their period or are menopausal to reduce the negative associated symptoms that are experienced.
  • IMG-4196
    1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz
  • IMG-4178
    Loving Calm for Teething and Distress Remedy$30.00
    Loving Calm is a Dynamic Phytotherapy Remedy formulated and diluted for infants and children to reduce the pain and distress associated with discomfort and teething. Use 1 drop per year of age sublingual.
  • IMG-4184
    Muscle Balm+ 2oz$95.00
  • IMG-4184
    Muscle+ Balm 1oz$50.00
  • Naked Balm 2oz$50.00
    Balm curated for skin irritation, insect bitesand nourishing the skin
  • IMG-4175
    Nanoparticle Mullein Flower oil$120.00
    Organic Mullein Flowers, Verbascum thapsus, are freeze dried shortly after harvesting daily, and processed with our ultrasonic processor into organic extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a nanoparticle herbal oil. Nanoparticles cross the blood brain barrier, allowing for full absorption and metabolism through transdermal application increasing the effectiveness by 5-10 times.
  • DynamicPhytotherapyNutritionSupport
    Nutrition Support for Anemia$30.00
    This blend assists the digestive process to metabolize and strengthen the blood. Formulated for infants and effective for all ages, with out side effects associated with Iron.
  • IMG-4188
    Pain & Injury 1oz$45.00
    Celestial CBD Pain & Injury Balm is great for all muscle and nerve pain from trauma, chronic diseases, or acute injury. This formula is fast and effective, and great for the whole body. Pain and Injury formula is transdermal and active in the blood stream within minutes. This topical medicinal is effective and safe for kids, adults, dogs, and horses.
  • IMG-4186
    Pain and Injury+ Balm 1oz$60.00
  • IMG-4186
    Pain and Injury+ Balm 2oz$110.00
  • IMG-4176
    Regenerative Mushroom Blend$90.00
    The wild harvested Regenerative Mushroom Blend 2 stage extraction tincture is made from Reishi, Turkeytail, and Maitake' mushrooms from our Medicinal herb farm forest located in Summertown TN. The purified extract is a 1:5 ratio. The blend supports immune system functions, along with the liver and the spleen.
  • Serenity Now Herbal Remedy
    Serenity Now 4oz$120.00
    Serenity Now is used for Muscle and Nerve pain and spasm of chronic neurological disorders. This Dynamic Phytotherapy blend is formulated at a potency for full bioavailability, with no bioaccumulation of phytoconstituents. The proprietary blend of Chamomile, Cramp Bark, Ginger, Pasque Flower, Prickly Ash, Skullcap, Wild Yam, Chaparral, Garlic, Mistletoe, Pau d'Arco, Red Clover, Turmeric, Betony, Black Cohosh, Ginkgo, Cayenne, Rosemary, Schisandra, and more. Contact us with any questions
  • IMG-4194
    Wellness Balm 2oz$60.00
    Wellness Balm is an immunobooster that is topically applied over the lymph nodes, spine, and feet to assist the body is removing illness, reduces symptoms, and helps you fight through a cold.
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